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This is

Our History

On January 15, 1990, the owner Melvin Mendoza and Huber Mendoza traveled to The United States arriving at Arlington Virginia. As for each immigrant, the first months were difficult, learning the language, without friends, and being away from their Family.

In April 1990, of the same year they began working at a pastry shop located inside The Water Gate Hotel, their main job was to produce cookie dough and creams for the various delicious pastries they made.

Their interest in baking was awakened, and we set ourselves a goal, bring all the brothers together, and help them work at the same bakery, so we can one day have our own Dream become a reality, The American Dream.

We worked hard to learn and succeed, our parents did well with us. our vision was to have one day our business, baking and making the best cakes and pastries we can.

Our dream come true

Now we are proud to provide employment and contribute to the growth of this great nation. The bakery is our dream come true. We are very proud of our loyal customers who enjoy our products made with the finest ingredients available to us, we strive every day to excel and provide the quality service they expect.